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Story Starters

Hello! In class we have been doing some story starters! They are super fun and I love making them. Here are some that I made. For jumped I did: I jumped as high as I could over my neighbours car I nearly fell but I’m glad i didn’t this was a life or death situation….

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My Birthday Party

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while I have been super busy! Anyway today I am going to talk about my Birthday party! I had balloons all over the ground then some of the guests started to arrive. I waited then my cousins came! I was so excited we played around in the…

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My Birthday!

Hello! Today I’m going to be talking about my Birthday! Yesterday was my Birthday I first woke up and saw lots of presents waiting for me I was so happy. I opened my presents they were so cool I got a giant squishmellow called Coleene. A squishmellow is like a giant fluffy pillow and it…

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Mental Health

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about Mental health. Mental health is very important, you should look after your self and try and find things that make you happy and places that you can escape from what’s going on with you, like your school life and home life. Here are some of the things that…

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My Weekend

Hello! This how my weekend started. It was after school on Friday my friend Kate had came home with me from school because she was having a sleepover and Alexis was also coming. Alexis also does footy Kate does not but she was going to cheer for Alexis and I. I started to get ready…

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Today my class and I did hefting. Hefting is where you put something in your hand and you give a estimate of how much you think it weighs. It was very hard at the start you can tell because we thought a soccer ball was 3 kilos and it was actually 427 grams and I…

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Cinquain Poem

In class we have been learning about cinquain poems. A cinquain poem is a poem with 5 lines the first line is 2 syllables the second 4 syllables the third line 6 syllables the fourth is 8 syllables and the last line is 2 syllables Here is the one I wrote. My poem is called…

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